Power Transmission Components for Wind Turbines


as rotor brakes


as yaw brakes


as holding brakes in rotor blades

  Shrink Discs

to connect gearbox hollow shafts with rotor shafts

  Control Systems

for controlled braking of rotors

  Hydraulic Power Units

to supply hydraulic power to brakes

Power Transmission Components for Hydro Power Plants

Freewheels as Indexing Freewheels

for transmission of translatory into rotatory movements


for braking and holding of rotors

Cone Clamping Elements

Clamping connections for backlash free fastening of hubs on shafts

Power Transmission Components for Power Station Engineering


for braking and holding

Overload Clutches

to protect drive units from overload


to connect shafts

Shrink Discs

External clamping connections for backlash free fastening of hollow shafts or hubs on shafts

Cone Clamping Elements

Clamping connections for backlash free fastening of hubs on shafts

Freewheels as Backstops

prevent reverse rotation in pumps and fans under the back pressure of the conveyed medium if the motor is turned off

Freewheels as Overrunning Clutches

automatically disengage the inactive or lower speed drive in pumps and generators with multimotor drives

Pin and Bush Couplings

for torsionally rigid and elastic connection of shafts, in particular between motor and machine

Power Transmission Components for Energy Recovery

Housing Freewheels

engage turbines driven by process recovery steam, to unload the main drive

Disc Couplings

ensures a torsionally rigid connection between the turbine and the Housing Freewheel

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